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Youth Snapshot

Representation of lots of people

17.7% of the state’s population are young people

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  • Population:

    • Just under 31.5% (1,304,286 of 4,142,935) of Australia’s young people live in NSW 1.
    • 1,304,286 young people aged 12–25 years live in NSW making up 17.7% of the state’s population.
  • Where young people live:

    • 66.7% of young people in NSW live in Sydney 2. 33.1% live in regional & rural areas 3
    • 32.9% of the state’s young people live in Western Sydney Local Government Areas (LGAs).
  • More young people live in:

    • Regional and rural NSW (outside Sydney) (432,121) slightly less than young people living in Western Australia (433,898)
    • Western Sydney (337,787) than live in South Australia (287,026)
    • the Hunter region (including Newcastle) (150,467) than live in Tasmania (84,627)
    • Blacktown and Penrith LGAs combined (101,972) than live in the ACT (75,393)
    • Blacktown LGA (64,270) than live in the Northern Territory (43,863).
  • Cultural background:

    • 30.5% of young people living in NSW in 2016 were born overseas
    • There are significant populations of young people born in North East Asia (5.4%), Southern and Central Asia (3.2%), South East Asia (2.9%) and North West Europe (1.8%)
    • The greatest number of young people born overseas were born in China (4.6%).
  • Young Aboriginal people:

    • More young Aboriginal people live in NSW (58,890 = 4.5% of the NSW youth population) than any other state or territory including Queensland (51,487), Western Australia (20,221) and Northern Territory (15,754).
    • The highest population of young Aboriginal people in NSW live in the Central Coast LGA (a new LGA created by merging former Gosford and Wyong LGAs) (3,572 = 0.3% of the NSW youth population) and Blacktown LGA, (2,813 = 0.2% of the NSW youth population). 12.0% of all the state’s young Aboriginal people living in the Hunter area and 10.2% living in Western Sydney.
  1. 2016 Census of Population and Housing New South Wales — Age by Sex
  2. Sydney — defined as Greater Sydney 2016 Census
  3. Regional and Rural NSW — defined as rest of NSW 2011 Census
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Last updated: 14 Mar 2019